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  1. Soul 2014-19
    I have two KIA soul one from 2016 and the other from 2019. Both of them make a noise like when you open an old and ungreased door that comes from mostly left wheel on the driver side when I drive over bumps. The dealer checked the suspension after charging me $150 and said that he hear and see...
  2. Soul 2020+
    New price (with PiCG) £32,445 Kia are cutting the price for the First Edition to £34,945, so it will be eligible for the £2,500 grant Kia lowers Soul EV prices to meet new government grant rules | Autocar Still looks like the PCP will offer another £1000 off of the price The KIA Soul EV | KIA...
  3. Soul 2009-2014
    Hi, Currently pulling my hair out trying to find a source for a Soul AM fuel tank, Kia want £693 + vat which is frankly ridiculous and out of the question, all the breakers i have contacted have sold them. All the ones on ebay that are new only have 1 port for the filler neck rather than the 2...
  4. Soul 2014-19
    Hi does anybody know how to remove the manual gearknob on my 2015 Soul? I have sourced a replacement but need to remove the old one without damaging anything!
1-4 of 4 Results