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  1. Niro
    I thought i would test out the sat nav today. The voice direction was telling me to take the 2nd exit while the visual direction was indicating for me to take the 1st exit. Voice directions were all wrong, I knew the route so followed the visual all the way just to see if the audio was a...
  2. Niro
    Just got my new EV and very pleased with it. I understood that I can connect the Kia e-Niro to a WIFI network (see for example this generic video from Kia ) but I can't see it on any of the screens in my e-Niro. I know the car has a Mobile Data Card as I have Uvo working fine, although we do...
  3. Kia Customer Support
    Hi there, Recently got a 66 reg (CU66xxx) Kia Picanto 1.25 Sport. Love the car, so much fun to drive, the only thing that is kinda annoying, is that it doesn't have android auto... was wondering if it is possible to get the software updated on the sat nav to add it? Really just want to android...
1-3 of 3 Results