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  1. Uvo connect not sending to car

    Sportage 2016+
    Hi all! Enjoying my new Sportage "3", activated Uvo Live, linked with the phone app etc etc ... all good, but from the phone Uvo app, in the map, I select a destination and hit "send to car" it says it successful but it nowhere to be found in the car infotainment system. I went through every...
  2. Kia Venga 2 2010 Stereo

    Hello all We've recently purchased a 2010 Venga 2. We love it! We want to fit a sat nav, or at least a double din stereo that has apple/android car. Using a phone is a bit too fiddly and the usb on the car doesn't hold the charge of the phone whilst it's on maps constantly. So I have a few...
  3. Sat Nav question

    Sorento 2015+
    I've just taken delivery of a 2017 Sorento kx3. Starting to work through the manual to find all the gizmos! One question I have is on the SatNav, I have used Garmins for years on cars, motorbikes and motorhome never had a built in one, what is the kia one based on I think Tomtom? Is it possible...