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  1. Door hand support and window buttons scratches

    Rio 2011-2017
    Dear all, The driver side of my Kia rio , scratched most probably due to wear and tear and the low quality of the internal finishing. I am looking for a carbon stickers to cover the scratches. I will purchase also for the passenger side to be alike. Do you know of anyone selling them?
  2. Revised Rio on its way in Q3

    Main Message Centre
    Some interest tech under the bonnet, 'mild-hybrid' assistance on a new 1.0T-GDi engine and 'clutch by wire'. Elsewhere more gadgets and some restyling to see the model out. Official KIA article is here. Also interesting to see a few weeks ago Hyundai announced new 160bhp 1.5T-GDi engine which...
  3. Rio facelift coming soon

    Rio 2017+
    Kia UK press release: Kia Media Site
  4. Time setting

    Rio 2011-2017
    Hello, I have got a 2015 1.4 cvvt gasoline automatic transmission Rio. 2 months ago, I renewed the battery due to it was depleted..since that time car time at red screen panel always change and so that everytime wrong time is displayed...Anyone had that issue before or have any idea?