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  1. For Sale
    For the 2018-2020 Picanto 1.0 T-GDI engine. Used for 4000 miles before selling the car. Transforms the performance! Genuinely suprised at how much quicker it makes the car. 5 different settings. Leaves no trace when removed (warranty safe) Boxed with instructions £120
  2. Idle Chit Chat
    Hi all, Been a while since I last chatted. So I currently still have my 07 Kia Magentis crdi gs and a few months back I got my egr blanked. I think performance wise its been a lot better, albeit some more engine noise. It's not the most thrilling car to drive but I really enjoy it. My question...
  3. Pro_Cee'd GT 2013-2018
    I have fitted my Ceed GT with an induction kit, chip tune to about 240bhp and have an exhaust on the way. While the remap definitely makes it lively enough, I was wondering if anyone knows of any tuners that can take the car beyond the rough 250bhp standard remap range? Would be happy to fork...
1-3 of 3 Results