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  1. ProCeed 2019+
    Does anyone know how the rear bottom bench comes out on the ProCeed? I know how it lifts on the front edge to access the fuel sender etc but I could do with mine pulling out... Had a little accident with a pint bottle of Lea and Perrins, which for some daft reason I out on the rear bench, and...
  2. Pro_Cee'd 2008-2013
    Hi everyone, HELP so my Pro ceed 2.0 crdi 2009 model is driving me insane. September last year broke down twice and had to be towed home due to engine sensor, got that replaced. Since then THREE times I've broken down, gone into limp mode then stopped, 1st had the AA out and no error...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone has used Nationwide Vehicle Contracts or another vehicle leasing company for their vehicle. I'm wondering what the process for delivery is like as I've ordered a ProCeed GT-Line S. I've been told that I'm not able to collect the vehicle from the dealership so...
  4. ProCeed 2019+
    Hi everyone. Recently traded our diesel 2019 Sportage GT-Line in for the petrol 2020 ProCeed GT-Line. And so far I’m very happy with it. I love the looks of the shooting brake and the interior seems less plastic than the sportage. But the one thing that is driving me mad is the Headlights...
  5. ProCeed 2019+
    Does the above Proceed have adaptive cruise control? The KIA specs mention that it has but obviously the specs have been updated for the facelift model, wondering if that's been added or is also present in the pre-facelift model? Also, does anyone know where I can find the full specs for the...
  6. Pro_Cee'd 2008-2013
    Hello All. I think I have a dud boost pressure control valve, does anybody know the number/type of the unit? I've tried to find a code on the unit, but can't see one. Thought i'd try here before I start taking stuff apart. Cheers in advance :)
  7. ProCeed 2019+
    Hi, How can I dismantle the backseat? Anybody any experience?
  8. Pro_Cee'd 2013-2018
    Hopefully no one on this forum: crash That's quite a mess but the Proceed seems to have done its job. So many daily stories of fatalities (one just down the road from me on Saturday), thankfully not on this occasion.
  9. ProCeed 2019+
    Hi everyone, After months of browsing dealerships and test driving many, many cars over the last few months, I've just put in an order for a new ProCeed GT Line S. Delivery date estimate of 3 months. It's a great car; ticks all of the boxes we were looking for, those being: Practical and big...
  10. Pro_Cee'd 2013-2018
    Hi there, I'm just wondering if anyone could five me and advice or help. I have a 2015 Proceed GT-Line, but over here in Ireland the touchscreen was an optional extra which my car wasn't speced with, so my car comes with the basic bluetooth and buttons radio unit. I found a touchscreen satnav...
1-10 of 10 Results