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  1. Please help! My Kia is playing up...

    Picanto 2017+
    Hi If anyone has any advice - I would be forever grateful... I have a Kia Picanto GT Line (68 plate). A couple of weeks ago, I was driving the car and it cut out. It immediately started up again and then as soon as I took the handbrake off/put it in gear again - it would cut out. I started...
  2. Current Speed on digital display

    Picanto X-Line
    HI.I've just bought a 2018 X-Line. I'm used to looking at a digital speedo. is this something that can be enabled on my Picanto? The display in the middle only seems to display info about mPG? Many thanks
  3. Retrofit of Blind spot monitor in Picanto

    Picanto 2017+
    Hi Just wanted to find out whether it would be possible to retrofit blind spot monitor in Picanto? Thanks
  4. 2020 Kia Picanto GT Review by MattBrandCars

    Picanto 2017+
    Hey everyone, I recently got the chance to spend a week with the Kia Picanto GT and it was awesome. I thought you guy's as owners and enthusiasts would appreciate it most! If you have any questions about the Picanto GT, feel free to ask me about it! Video for those interested: I'll see you...
  5. Nasty scratch on leather steering wheel

    Picanto 2017+
    Truth is the Picanto is a bit small for me with the seat right back I just manage to squeeze myself into the drivers seat - why buy such a small car then you might ask well I like the Rio but there is such little space between us & next doors property I used to constantly graze the mirrors on my...
  6. 66 Reg Picanto Sat Nav Software Update

    Kia Customer Support
    Hi there, Recently got a 66 reg (CU66xxx) Kia Picanto 1.25 Sport. Love the car, so much fun to drive, the only thing that is kinda annoying, is that it doesn't have android auto... was wondering if it is possible to get the software updated on the sat nav to add it? Really just want to android...
  7. Stiff Clutch on Picanto 1.2 Sport

    Picanto 2011 - 2017
    Our Picanto is a 66 plate, with around 50,000 miles on the clock, so still well within the warranty period. I've just had the 5th service and about a week before the service appointment the clutch pedal has suddenly become really stiff to press. So I reported it to the garage so they could...