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oil overfill

  1. Sportage 2013 1.7 Diesel - Massive white/blue smoke clouds from exhaust.

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    Hi, Whilst driving along slowly, I suddenly noticed a huge amount of smoke coming from the rear of the car, was only 1/2 mile from home so returned very slowly. Once home I checked the oil and it was really high (and appeared to be very thin, i.e. possibly contaminated with diesel). As this was...
  2. What is the official stance from Kia on oil overfill?

    Kia Customer Support
    Hi, I see lots of threads about oil overfill. Our car was serviced by Kia dealer in November and we checked oil recently and it was 1-2cm above the max line. We contacted the dealer 11 days ago but yet to receive a response. I am sure when I contact dealer again they will tell me not to worry...