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  1. Ceed 2018+
    My 2019 ceed SW now reached 45000km and it has developed annoying creak in the frond drivers door. It can be heard when you accelerate or stop harder. Also driving slowly through uneven road makes the creak present as well. Its extremely annoying. Tomorrow I am going to a dealers for a service...
  2. Ceed 2018+
    *Update for everyone interested ! this is a broken fuel pump. They replaced the housing and the pump this morning and the sound is gone, also my MPG has become significantly better ( at least for my car that is..) Mechanic said one other car with the same engine from the same MY with roughly the...
  3. Pro_Cee'd GT 2013-2018
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have just picked up myself a kia ceed gt 2015. I've came from a 2017 vw polo gti. Fancied a change and I'm loving the new car. But it's a bit quiet for me. Are there any air filters that give it a bit more grunt? I'm not fussed about performance. Just want some nice...
1-3 of 3 Results