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  1. Niro
    Have an issue with the charger port. It won't now lock and when I lock car it makes a load annoying noise. I know I need to take it to a dealer but anyone got a quick fix to stop that noise
  2. Niro
    Hi All, I have just purchased a Niro PHEV 2017/67 Plate and have read a lot online and in this forum about the 12v battery not lasting or keeping its charge for very long. Its the first weekend of owning the car and had a change to check the 12v battery using a Ctek MSX5 battery charger. The...
  3. Niro
    Hi All, I've recently purchased a Niro PHEV 67 plate and I'm very happy so far with the car. As with all new car owners I've been looking at all the new tech that is included and enabled most things to see if it's any good. So far I have added the WiFi connection to get the live data but I seem...
  4. Niro
    Hi All, I am looking to swap my current car to a Niro PHEV. With lockdown and working from home then I no longer need a thirsty Jaguar diesel and think that for the amount of mileage that I will be doing in the future then a Niro PHEV makes sense. After doing an average of 20+K miles a year I...
  5. Niro
    We recently bought a Niro PHEV as most of our (normal) journeys are less than 30 miles so we anticipated driving mostly on electric. However, our experience so far is that we’re only running around 50% electric, this despite the fact that the car has been in EV mode 99% of the time. Now we’ve...
1-5 of 5 Results