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  1. Idle Chit Chat
    Hi all, Been a while since I last chatted. So I currently still have my 07 Kia Magentis crdi gs and a few months back I got my egr blanked. I think performance wise its been a lot better, albeit some more engine noise. It's not the most thrilling car to drive but I really enjoy it. My question...
  2. Magentis
    Hi had this 2010 Magentis 2 years now 27,000 miles from new, main dealer servicing until 2019. I get a juddering/ hiccupping when slowing down then accelerating, turn A/C on problem less noticeable. Just had EGR valve cleaned out, (it was replaced 6,000 miles ago). Yesterday on M1 (smart??) 4...
  3. Others
    Hi I'm new to the Kia owners group! So I thought I'd share an issue with my 07 Kia Magentis crdi gs. The issue I have doesn't really bother me after owning it for 2 years now. But I would like to know if there is a solution to my problem. So it has a interior light, however when I purchased it 2...
1-3 of 3 Results