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  1. Pro_Cee'd 2008-2013
    Hi everyone, HELP so my Pro ceed 2.0 crdi 2009 model is driving me insane. September last year broke down twice and had to be towed home due to engine sensor, got that replaced. Since then THREE times I've broken down, gone into limp mode then stopped, 1st had the AA out and no error...
  2. Sorento 2015-20
    I have a 67 plate, some months after buying it we noticed what we thought was a slipping clutch. When changing down and putting your foot down to accelerate, the car would appear to jump out of gear as the revs would fly up, though once they dropped it would return to normal. Initially I put it...
  3. Kia Customer Support
    So I have had problems with my KIA Soul 2011 1.6 CRDI Automatic for a few months now, and I cant take it to another garage due to the lock-down. (Taken to 2 garages already, each one has said that the gear box is in limp mode, but neither garage mechanics could diagnose or isolate the problem...
1-3 of 3 Results