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key fob
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  1. Sportage 2010 - 2015
    Hi all, I changed my key fob case yesterday as buttons had worn out as all when well as much as I could tell doors open and lock but when I turn key to start engine it just turns as if the immobiliser Is on any ideas how I get around this? Thanks in advance
  2. Sedona 2006+
    i brought 2 like new key fobs used unlocked ? i was told from seller. first i need to know if i need a 6 digit pin/code to get this done as the first person tried but could not do anything cause he did not have the pin ect. then i took it to a lock smith (car} and he said that the fobs where...
  3. Rio 2011-2017
    The other day I went to go into my car and clicked unlock on my key. The car made the noise of it unlocking but all doors do not open. Including the boot. I had to manually put the key into the door to open. When I am in the car, the inside lock button will flash at me and then I can click it to...
  4. Main Message Centre
    Posted here as it is more generic. I have a Ceed Sportwagon, and the key fob works ok electronically, but the release button doesn't release the key once it has been folded into the fob. I have to press the release button, and then insert a small screwdriver at the bottom to force the key...
1-4 of 4 Results