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  1. Niro (2016-2022)
    Hey all, Many of you are probably suffering with that issue where the Niro loses the cars position as soon as night mode becomes active on the SatNav. Anyway, I've been chasing KIA about this for some time and I finally have a response from KIA who have confirmed the issue is real and they...
  2. Sportage 2021+
    Is anyone having issues with the infotainment system? Today mines has been quite laggy and now seems not to be displaying anything. When it does eventually display I can’t access the main menu. This is on top of issues with connecting to CarPlay on the rare occasion it actually detects my phone.
  3. Sorento 2015-20
    I went to a Kia dealer to test drive a used an automatic Kia Sorento 2015. When I tried to shift the gear liver from Parking to Drive I couldn’t, it just wouldn't move. The salesperson tried as well and couldn’t. Then a mechanic came and opened a little flap that covered a tiny hole next to the...
1-3 of 3 Results