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  1. Sportage 2016-2021
    Well, I'm a week into my fourth new Sportage, I don't seem to get bored of them. My first was a 2012 1.7 diesel 3 spec, it was a manual with ISG (Intelligent Stop and Go, as it was called then). My latest is a petrol GT-Line S, DCT, with ISG (now called Idle Stop and Go - I guess the...
  2. XCeed 2019+
    Hello Kia ceed 2021, 1.5 petrol, manual gearbox. My significant other had a rough hill start, after which the isg and engine light turned on. Also, the revs stayed above 1000 rpm. After restarting the engine, revs dropped to normal, isg light dissappeared (isg works) and engine light kept...
  3. Cee'd 2012-2018
    Hi, in my kia ceed 2013 my start stop hasnt been working for ages now since September 2019, when i stop it just says auto stop deactivated. I do alot of miles a day around 70 miles on the motorway. My family also has a 2017 ceed exactly the same model of engine 1.6 petrol and a higher trim level...
1-3 of 3 Results