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  1. SPORTAGE 1.6 Hybrid 136HP - Hessitation when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear

    Sportage 2016+
    Hello everyone, I am experiencing a strange behaviour when driving the car a little bit "demanding" let's say. It appears all gears change normally, except the 2nd to 3rd (at least I have noticed it at this change). I experience a hesitation in acceleration, I am releasing the clutch change...
  2. Kia Cadenza - Night drive with 2019 Kia Cadenza (Let's drive Kia Cadenza with Hybrid System)

    Let’s go for a night drive with Kia Cadenza. Let’s take a good look at the new Kia Cadenza with hybrid system this time. This Kia Cadenza has 2.4L 4 cylinder gasoline engine and it gets help from 38kW electric motor. Let’s see if this Cadenza is more efficient and also plenty powerful to...