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  1. Please help! My Kia is playing up...

    Picanto 2017+
    Hi If anyone has any advice - I would be forever grateful... I have a Kia Picanto GT Line (68 plate). A couple of weeks ago, I was driving the car and it cut out. It immediately started up again and then as soon as I took the handbrake off/put it in gear again - it would cut out. I started...
  2. Will this fit in my Kia 2017 Mac 1

    Sportage 2016+
  3. Help with Soul AM 1.6 petrol fuel tank

    Soul 2009-2014
    Hi, Currently pulling my hair out trying to find a source for a Soul AM fuel tank, Kia want £693 + vat which is frankly ridiculous and out of the question, all the breakers i have contacted have sold them. All the ones on ebay that are new only have 1 port for the filler neck rather than the 2...

    Cee'd 2012-2018
    My 62 plate ceed is popping fuse IG2 and Memory 1 and ideas what it could be?
  5. Electrical Issue! / Door Locks not locking.

    Cee'd 2012-2018
    I have a 62 plate ce'ed. Lately when I remove the keys from ignition the radio stays on and the doors remain locked for few minutes. Tonight though the doors will not lock unless using the lock button on the inside of tge car with the engine running. I have tried with the key and nothing...
  6. Rear Brake Plate

    Hi, The plate that sits behind the rear brake discs ( I think it is sometimes called a splash plate or backing plate ) is really corroded and needs replacing. Does anyone know where I can get one for my 2011 Venga? Many online searches bring up the part for a Ceed but I assume that wouldn't...