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  1. Soul 2014-19
    I don’t know what the heck is going on here... I just bought a 2015 Kia Soul from Carmax in Sacramento, California. I have never owned a Kia before. When I park it, with the lights on Automatic, and I take the key out and then get out and shut the door, the lights don’t go off! I thought they...
  2. Cee'd 2006-2012
    I am moving to France in February for a new job. I will be taking my trusty and reliable right hand drive 2008 Kia C'eed. As I'm moving there permanently, it will need to be registered in France and pass a French style MOT (Control Technique). From what I've read, generally speaking it's not...
  3. For Sale
    Set of headlight eyelids, fibreglass, for Kia Ceed (2012-2017). Unused, painted in black metal with some minor imperfections and some small chips as they were painted home. They might need repainting for a perfect finish. Please ask me if you require more info. £45