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glow plugs
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  1. Venga
    Hey. Am new to the club and hope you can help. Our daughter has now also bought a Kia Venga, 1.4crdi 2013. The challenge is that there is an unusual amount of time to start the engine at cold start. Have changed the glow plug relay but it did not help. When the key is turned, the starter...
  2. Cee'd 2012-2018
    I am having starting issues with a recently purchased 2012 Ceed II 1.4 CRDI. From cold it would just turn over ages before firing up. It was quicker once warm, but still not as quick as it should've been. Found all glow plugs were faulty, so replaced. And then replaced starter since it was...
  3. Venga
    Hi! First time posting here. Have just bought a 2012 1.4 diesel venga and I love it. I bought it and was told the glow plugs needed doing, hence difficult start, however after driving it home the starting is still much longer than should be as glow plugs shouldn't be an issue once the engine is...
1-3 of 3 Results