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  1. Kia Customer Support
    Want to fit a towbar, and need information on electrical connection please. Dealer (Arnold Clark Northwich) is useless - won't fit towbar, don't know the status of the wiring connections on my car. I have found an independent fitter, but they want to know if there is an existing towbar...
  2. Sorento 2009-2015
    Hi All, I made a rookie mistake and supplied 12V from the battery to the fuel pump fuse as originally the fuel pump in tank wasn't working and now I cannot contact the ecu with my car scanner. I send it for a repair but it came back as fully functioning (they didn't find a faulty with the ECU)...
  3. Others
    Hi I'm new to the Kia owners group! So I thought I'd share an issue with my 07 Kia Magentis crdi gs. The issue I have doesn't really bother me after owning it for 2 years now. But I would like to know if there is a solution to my problem. So it has a interior light, however when I purchased it 2...
  4. Cee'd 2012-2018
    Hello Does anybody now what this code mean? D111H/53521 I drive the Cia ceed 1.7crdi engine . From week I have amber (A ) on dash permanently . Any ideas . Thank you for any help.
  5. Ceed 2018+
    *Update for everyone interested ! this is a broken fuel pump. They replaced the housing and the pump this morning and the sound is gone, also my MPG has become significantly better ( at least for my car that is..) Mechanic said one other car with the same engine from the same MY with roughly the...
  6. Sportage 2016-2021
    Hi everyone. I have a 3 year old sportage diesel and Recently the ad blue light came on. I filled the tank with ad blue but the light remained on. Suspecting a faulty sensor a booked the car into the local Kia garage for them to look at under warranty. Had a call to tell me that the cable to...
1-6 of 6 Results