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  1. Cee'd 2012-2018
    Rear right passenger door and boot do not unlock. I've been having this problem intermittent for a year now, I've noticed it only happens when there is a cold morning mist, in order to rectify I have to stand there constantly locking and unlocking the car and eventually the door will open. Or...
  2. Rio 2011-2017
    Hi everyone I have issue with the door lock (front right). last night I drive in my 2013 RIO and the door lock start to flash I lock the doors and all the door lock except the front right. someone know what I need to check or do? My car is now with one door open 😑 Thank you
  3. Niro (2016-2022)
    Approaching my car after charging yesterday the wing mirrors failed to open as they usually did. Pressing the door button to unlock produced a beep, and I had to use the unlock button on the keyfob. After searching on the 'net and trying to use my iphone app for locking and unlocking, I got no...
  4. Picanto 2017+
    I have a few days left to decide whether to keep or return the car and I'm in two minds as there's a few things that don't make sense. I would greatly appreciate advice, suggestions or solutions to the following issues: Steering wheel lock - I don't think it works, well, not in the obvious way...
1-4 of 4 Results