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  1. Picanto 2004 - 2011
    I have a Kia picanto 09 plate, I've owned it for nearly 4 years now. Whilst out driving today I pressed my clutch down to go into 3rd gear and the clutch pedal felt a bit hard. Then as I was changing gears the engine was revving loud and I was pulling off slow like there wasn't much power. Rac...
  2. Pro_Cee'd GT 2013-2018
    Hi guys so need some help here, have recently had my clutch reconditioned as Kia state a new clutch will cost £600, have done 400 miles since however still get the wierd smell occasionally when holding the clutch, is this normal? Or should I go back to my garage? TIA
  3. Pro_Cee'd GT 2013-2018
    Hi guys, need some help finding a good clutch for the Cee’d GT? TIA
  4. Venga
    I recently bought a Venga 2016 1.6 manual. I didnt notice during test drive how heavy the clutch is. But having driven in traffic I do now. I have it booked in to the dealer for them to have a look. Cant see much on this specifically for the Venga, anyone got any comments.
  5. Rio 2011-2017
    Hey all, I bought a 2015 Rio in Jan with a pretty low mileage in January but recently the gearbox has been pretty crunchy particularly when going in to 1st and 2nd gears. I'm a pretty new driver so it's reasonable that I've done something stupid but anyone else had something similar happen...
  6. Sportage 2010 - 2015
    Hi All Hoping someone may be able to help me. The other day I stopped in traffic. I went to take my car out of gear and it wouldn't come out of gear. The clutch pedal stayed depressed and I had to pull it up by hand. It's been fine since until today where it almost got stuck in gear. My car...
  7. Picanto 2011 - 2017
    Our Picanto is a 66 plate, with around 50,000 miles on the clock, so still well within the warranty period. I've just had the 5th service and about a week before the service appointment the clutch pedal has suddenly become really stiff to press. So I reported it to the garage so they could...