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  1. 2019 Ceed Noisy brakes

    Ceed 2018+
    Is anyone else experiencing noisy brakes on their Ceed? I know that rust will form on the discs as the car is not used every day, this usually is cleaned off after a few miles but the brakes are still really noisy and grinding under braking, more so in reverse which is odd. I can't engage the...
  2. Newbie from South Wales - yes it's always raining

    Hi all, new to the Kia forum, we're on our fourth & fifth Kia's mine a black 1.4 first edition Sportwagon and my wife's 1.6 crdi GTline Sportwagon. My newer CEED is very nice with lots of toys and a sunroof but I must admit it doesn't drive as well as my wifes GTline, pity Kia couldn't keep all...
  3. Steering wheel stiff?

    Ceed 2018+
    Hi all! I own 2019 Kia ceed SW. 1,6 CRDI. DSG. I have 6000 km on odometer at the moment. This morning I had a feeling my steering wheel is slightly stiff. Like not very pronounced stiffnes, but it seems that it was easier to turn it just yesterday. The night was also not particularly colder...