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  1. Sportage 2016-2021
    Hi all I was wandering if anyone had experienced similar issues to what I have encountered today. I purchased a mk4 sportage a week ago, 2016 plate, I noticed the settings button wouldn't do anything when pressed, so have searched Google & the owners manual, couldn't find anything info on it...
  2. Picanto 2011 - 2017
    Hey all, I have a Kia picanto 2013 3dr 1L as my first car and wondered if there was any way of getting an aux on my current radio (Must be a base model as it doesnt have aux) I have seen on ebay radios that have bluetooth that are a direct replacement fitment wise but wondered if this would work...
  3. Venga
    We have a tiny USB thumb drive that plays mp3s through the USB socket. No problem with the sound, but although it's perfectly formatted on the drive, some of the music is listed by performer, others by the title of the album. It's quite irritating when you're looking for "Frightened Rabbit"...
1-3 of 3 Results