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  1. Kia Niro (2022+)
    In the new Sportage you can turn off the advanced protection, here is a description from that forum: It's called Ultrasonic Intrusion Protection (UIP) and can be turned off in Settings -> Vehicle -> Convenience -> Advanced anti-theft It will still have all the other alarm stuff (doors/tailgate...
  2. Stonic
    I’ve got a first edition Stonic. Does anyone know if there’s a way to turn off the internal sensors in the car, so that I can lock it when my dogs in the car and I need to go pay for petrol? I’ve looked for what I think the button should be. From other posts it looks a bit like a Wi-Fi/network...
  3. XCeed 2019+
    Kia Ceed 2022 Model, Read Seat belt keeps beeping even if i keep my laptop back, Is there an option to tun it off permanently, I don't know why rear seat belts are beeping
  4. Niro (2016-2022)
    Hi, I had my Kia Niro First Edition 67 plate stolen from outside my house yesterday. I love the car but wondering if I should get the same model again? The thief stood near the vehicle for a minute and then opened the car as if he had the key and drove off. It's caught on CCTV and I noticed...
  5. Cee'd 2012-2018
    I have a 2015 ceed and the alarm keeps going off. Was initially at night but is now doing it through the day for no reason. Anyone else had this or know what the issue might be?
  6. Sorento 2015-20
    Hello, the problem is that whenever I walk up to the car the welcome procedure won’t happen. Alsothe alarm won’t be enabled for some reason. The alarm doesn’t secure the vehicle, it locks it, but it won’t set the alarm on. Like I left the hood opened and it still won’t go on. Also tried it with...
1-6 of 6 Results