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  1. can you dim dashboard on 2015 sportage

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    I have just looked online for the UK handbook for the 2015 Sportage. As yet, I haven't found one but I looked through the US model of that year and it very clearly described the position of the adjuster as applicable in a LHD version. Subsequently, I found a Spanish handbook for 2014/15 which...
  2. can you dim dashboard on 2015 sportage

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    Is this not relevant in your model(s)? adjusting_instrument_cluster_illumination-149.html
  3. Servicing

    Main Message Centre
    That's a good question actually, although I suspect that you might not like the response from KIA, should you need to lay claim to their warranty for say, major engine/gearbox work for example. On the face of it, it may seem a good idea as Hyundai is the parent company of KIA, being the biggest...
  4. Kia Optima 2019 est Roof bars

    Optima 2016+
    Welcome to the forum, 'Mark parnell'. Compared to? Obviously, they will produce some noise compared to not having them but do you have any experience of similar roof bars on another vehicle perhaps to give some context? Reading your post, I'm grateful that I chose to purchase a towbar &...
  5. Kia Proceed GT tuned

    ProCeed 2019+
    Why?…….If you still look at these pages since your one and only post.
  6. We Are Live - Community Feedback Site Issues & Website Help
    Could those who complain about the new platform actually specify what it is that they dislike about it? Perhaps I'm missing something but I seem to be able to do everything that I ever wanted to do pre-upgrade. I don't mind whether I'm advised publicly in these pages or privately via...
  7. New layout Site Issues & Website Help
    You are entitled to your opinion of course but I can't find anything about which I find fault. Like 'Turnup', I think in-site navigation seems quicker and the whole application works flawlessly on my Safari browser. The dark mode shows up very well and reading the posts seems easier on the eye...
  8. Engine Temp and MPG?

    Unless one of the Niro owners can confirm that such gauge behaviour is normal for that model, I'd suggest speaking to the receptionist at your nearest KIA dealership, providing the same information as in your post and letting them check it out. A jammed-open thermostat is easily fixed even...
  9. MPG seems disturbingly low

    Sportage 2016+
    It's a good question and reading the figures thrown up on that website, not for the first time, I'm inclined to believe they are largely fanciful, posted by saddos who have some curious, perverse need to demonstrate that they are the best at something. That HJ's office simply accepts the...
  10. MPG seems disturbingly low

    Sportage 2016+
    I stand to be corrected but wasn't that in the Picanto forum?
  11. MPG seems disturbingly low

    Sportage 2016+
    I throw this in purely for information born out of my own experience. My rule of thumb for evaluating a car's likely fuel consumption in my hands, under the old, discredited system is this: Take the COMBINED figure advertised and subtract 30% from that figure. For me, that turned out to be...
  12. Sat Nav screen

    Rio 2017+
    Welcome to the forum, 'markb2502'. That's what the warranty is for. Check it in with a KIA dealership.
  13. MPG seems disturbingly low

    Sportage 2016+
    Hi 'Mikeyboy' and welcome to the forum. I'm not sure what kind of mpg you expected when you decided to purchase a large brick with 4wd but that type of car isn't really about frugality. I note you remark on the lifetime average mpg rather than just the figure you have achieved since purchase...
  14. Check exhaust system warning flashing

    Optima 2016+
    Thanks, 'ChrisGTS1980', for coming back to inform those interested readers of the remedy to your issue. Presumably, at such a low mileage, the matter was dealt with under KIA's warranty and I'm guessing there must have been a fault with the original component? In any event, let's hope you have...
  15. Which Sportage Models Have Memory Electric Seat

    Sportage 2016+
    I find that rather strange as those of who own the Optima GT-Line S Sportswagon are blessed with that useful function. KIA's nomenclature of trim and equipment levels appears to be somewhat inconsistent.
  16. Hatch for fuel cap?

    Ceed 2018+
    Really? I can't say I have heard any complaints on that score nor read about it in these pages but if that's what your dealer said about it, then it must be true. After all, why would they turn down the opportunity to perform a simple fix for which KIA would pay them handsomely, presuming the...
  17. Sport button issue

    ProCeed 2019+
    Isn't that a good thing?🤔
  18. A bit late to the party…..

    Idle Chit Chat
    I have just read through the spec of the new Mazda MX30 and I was staggered to read that Mazda's first full-electric offering has a stated range of 124 miles…..! It looks quite a nice small car but Mazda will struggle to shift many of this latest addition to its range with such a limited...
  19. New member 66 Reg Optima 3

    Optima 2016+
    Welcome to the forum, 'Graham1792'. Ring your nearest KIA dealership and ask them how much they charge to update the mapping and software/firmware in the infotainment unit. It should be £25 inc VAT; if not, try a couple of other dealers within easy reach. I hope you are enjoying the Optima...
  20. Traffic Camera Alerts

    Optima 2016+
    It's been present on mine since the update performed earlier this year and I'm pretty sure that 'Colr' and other contributors in the Optima section also received it at that time.
1-20 of 483 Results