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  1. Uprated Headlight Bulbs

    Special bulb in a venga ..would like to know what that was and where it was fitted..:oops:
  2. 2016 Sportage 4 Crdi Isg Battery Charger

    Kia Customer Support
    I have the Ctek probably one of the best in the range for my ISG venga..but I intend using a memory saver when charging mine using one of these.. hook it up and disconnect the car battery under the bonnet. and then charge that..
  3. We Are Live - Community Feedback Site Issues & Website Help
    I can do conversations but dont want you talking dirty to wont find many complaints from the masses because they just lump it or leave here..
  4. We Are Live - Community Feedback Site Issues & Website Help
    Cant say publicly now cos I have been gagged..but if you want to know I can point you in the right direction..privately..
  5. We Are Live - Community Feedback Site Issues & Website Help
    Plus 1 ..and would be a plus for all those who have already left and finding the new layout difficult to cope with..
  6. Venga 1.4 petrol engine cover.

    Been to the breakers this morning and sad to say while it would fit the coolant filler and cap stops it fitting..would need to modify the filler and I wont be doing that just to fit a cover..most disappointing I must say but thats life.. 😏
  7. Venga 1.4 petrol engine cover.

    Now an update..have located one just a mile away from me at a breakers.. I am doing this because I am...
  8. Part number..

    Kia venga oil filter 1.4 and 1.6 petrol now superseded from 2630035504 to 2630035505..
  9. Key fobs...

  10. Key fobs...

    It's a very dodgy item imho..very flimsy indeed compared to the one for my wifes swift which is a one piece one..a local locksmith should be able to sort you with a new one and recode and cut the blade..alternatively you can also buy a complete one on ebay and if you have the body of the old one...
  11. Venga 1.4 petrol engine cover.

    This is the ceed...
  12. Venga 1.4 petrol engine cover.

    Even images for the petrol engines seem to be quite scarce..was lucky to actually find this one..supposed to be the 1.6 but have my doubts its even a venga..some ones nicked the master cylinder Covers on the diesel engine are far more common..
  13. Venga 1.4 petrol engine cover.

    How many of you guys have one on your engines..if you have would you please check if it has the part number 29240-2B031 will find this on the underside of the cover when you take it off..the number I have given is off a ceed and I am trying to find out if its compatible..if yours has not...
  14. brake bleed nipple size

    Sportage 2003 - 2010
  15. Cam belt or chain

    Rio 2005 - 2011
    Saw one for the 1.4 somewhere as well..cant seen to find it this time around.. Edit Ooops here it is 😁
  16. Fifth gear review

    Picanto 2017+
    One of my daughter in laws was going to buy a being nosy I went into their forum to find that clutches are failing on a regular basis..some as low as 800 miles and refusing a warranty repair [sound familiar ] DING..I pointed out that kia are now doing a good deal on the Venga and she...
  17. Kia Venga 2010 1.4 petrol Dome/interior light.

    Power at the fuse in fuse box but have you checked for power at the bulb..have you had a look in the hand book to see if there is anything else on the same circuit...cant lay my hands on mine at the mo so cant tell..
  18. Front fog lights

    Cee'd 2012-2018
    Just a little search found this for the 2017 ceed..its in with lots of other circuits and 60a according to the diag..if you would like the complete blog which shows many others then ask..
  19. 5th service - How long should it take

    Depends on what's on the list to do and how many tea and fag breaks they take.. will be a fixed price so won't increase if that take all day..what are they charging for it ? ☕
1-20 of 170 Results