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  1. Sticker residue removal

    I removed the Kia sticker out of the rear window the other week and found that a little spray of this took off the residue very easily
  2. Think I will be moving away from reading the forum

    Idle Chit Chat
    Well guys, this thread has helped me, I may not like the format, but hey things change, I do however love the forum, most have said some good advice and criticism, but no, well if you don't like it leave, and this is defo a massive positive for me, it shows how friendly this group is, and I'm...
  3. Think I will be moving away from reading the forum

    Idle Chit Chat
    Since the change the forum now looks like a mobile device which I hate, you cant see what category has a new post without opening up every category, to time consuming and frankly a ball ache tbh, therefore if i cant see at a glance i cant be bothered to search. Bring back desktop view or i...
  4. Possible new Picanto

    Picanto 2017+
    99hp in the piccy is more than enough, I have the Rio t-gdi at 118hp and would find that alarming in the piccy, coming from a 1.25 gt line piccy that was fun at 83hp so the turbo in the 99hp would be a big step up,
  5. Help needed

    Sportage 2016+
    Well give the price of fuel atm and your mileage you should be looking around the £1250 mark given you achieve 35mpg, so I guess it will depend a lot on how and where you drive.
  6. Help needed

    Sportage 2016+
    I had an edition 25 1.6 on Friday as a courtesy car and get that on the counter to show me just over 38mpg, I think honest john website has it at an average of 35mpg give or take, How many miles a year do you do on average?
  7. Help needed

    Sportage 2016+
    What Car is it, Ceed ?
  8. Kia Warranty Duration

    Kia Customer Support
    I think this gives a slight bit more clarity on the term unlimited
  9. Kia Warranty Duration

    Kia Customer Support
    So if a car does 120,000 miles within 35 months then needs a warrantee claim it will be OK? as this would be in the realms of unlimited in the first 3 years, but over that of 100,000 miles total, Which is it?
  10. Spacesaver farce

    Picanto 2017+
    The profile of the 14" will be very near of that on the 15" wheel, therefore given the brakes are the same it should fit without any issues, imo
  11. 2019 Map / Software updates

    Kia Customer Support
    Many Thanks....
  12. Pulling to the left after brake pad and disc change

    Sportage 2010 - 2015
    could be but it could also be something as simple as tracking because you've bumped that wheel or a tire is low in pressure, if it pulls hard to one side when applying brakes then one side could be binding, but check the simple stuff first I would recommend
  13. Change of ownership form asks for previous owners details

    Kia Customer Support
    because of GDPR the info for previous owners is no longer on the log book, and for the GDPR reason the dealer will not give out this information to you,
  14. 2019 Map / Software updates

    Kia Customer Support
    Hi I've recently bought my Rio first edition 67 plate and I should have had the Maps updated as part of the sale. Please could you confirm if mine are up to date. Software YB.EUR.SOP.003.19.161227 Firmware YB.EUR. NAV APP INT_AVN_MID.EUR.KMC.161209.100733...
  15. Headlamp Delay & Intermittent Wiper

    Picanto 2017+
    Yeah but thankfully were not like South Yorkshire
  16. Phonebook

    Ceed 2018+
    Removing the phone should remove the call list and phone book
  17. Headlamp Delay & Intermittent Wiper

    Picanto 2017+
    Pretty sure none of the Picanto has had an intermittent rear wiper, my Gt line didn't
  18. Jokes

    Idle Chit Chat
    What did the Spanish fireman call his 2 new born sons....... Jose and Josb.....
  19. Best mpg / Range

    Picanto X-Line
    I would have thought you will be more likely to see the mileage go up because you'll drive the car different as you get used to it, knowing the best gear to come out of a roundabout or go up a hill, don't rely on the gear shift indicator cos that just works on speed not engine load etc, I'm...
  20. Kia Warranty Duration

    Kia Customer Support
    You'll find that things like stereo and some internal electrics will only be covered for 3 years......
1-20 of 84 Results