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Kia unveils sophisticated new cee’d

Kia unveils the first image of all-new cee’d today ahead of the car’s world debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March. New Kia cee’d combines styling typically found on a sporty coupé with the space and functionality of a five-door hatch. Upmarket exterior design immediately gets your attention, with details like chrome framed […]

Kia Ex Ceed Cabrio Gallery

Kia Ex Ceed Cabrio Gallery

Kia Eco Ceed Gallery

Kia Eco Ceed Gallery

Introducing the Kia PRO CEE’D

Introducing EcoDynamics Kia has developed an Intelligent Stop and Go (ISG) system for the revised pro_cee’d 2 EcoDynamics. This turns off the engine when the car is stationary in traffic and the driver puts the gearlever into neutral and takes his or her foot off the clutch pedal. The engine restarts immediately as soon as […]

Pro_Ceed Frequently Asked Questions

When does the car go on sale? Most versions will be in dealerships on 1 February 2008, but the 1.4-litre petrol will arrive some time during late 2008. What do you think will be the most popular selling model? pro_cee’d 3 1.6 CRDi in white What will be the split between petrol and diesel? Around […]


A sexy, sporty Kia? You’d better believe it When producing three-door family hatchbacks, the majority of manufacturers merely discard a couple of doors from their five-door models, change the side body panels and think that’s enough. At Kia, we prefer to see each model as a unique offering, sharing components, structures and panels only where […]

Pro_Ceed Pricing

Model Basic VAT Retail OTR* 1.6 pro_cee’d 2 £9,919.15 £1,735.85 £11,655.00 £12,300.00 1.6 CRDi pro_cee’d 2 £10,578.72 £1,851.28 £12,430.00 £13,050.00 1.6 pro_cee’d 3 £10,770.21 £1,884.79 £12,655.00 £13,300.00 1.6 pro_cee’d 3 Auto £11,600.00 £2,030.00 £13,630.00 £14,300.00 1.6 CRDi pro_cee’d 3 £11,642.55 £2,037.45 £13,680.00 £14,300.00 2.0 CRDi pro_cee’d Sport £12,663.83 £2,216.17 £14,880.00 £15,500.00 Basic VAT Retail Metallic […]

Pro_ceed 7 year warranty

7 years or 100,000 miles. That’s 2,555 days or 4 times round the earth if you’re a high mileage driver. Either way, our warranty is better than anything else you’ll find from any other manufacturer. It’s no wonder Autocar awarded it the ‘Idea of the Year’ There are plenty of other reasons to choose the […]

Pro_Ceed Gallery

Pro Ceed Gallery

AutoExpress review: Pro_Ceed first drive

Could this be the model that finally breaks Kia into the hot hatch market? The Korean company has a reputation for offering practicality at a good price, but is now preparing to move into the performance arena with a new three-door evolution of the Cee’d. The rakish Pro_cee’d hits the UK’s roads this week, and […]