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Finding a new car can be a long and arduous process, especially if you are looking at used cars for the first time. We’ve all heard the horror stories about buying used cars including the safety and financial aspects of second hand cars. Luckily many websites dedicated to selling used cars are staring to run background checks on the cars they advertise, one such website which runs basic background checks is is one of the UK’s largest used car classification networks, with a massive database of over 150,000 used cars covering the entire UK and including used cars from both private sellers and dealerships giving buyers a great number of options. Their search system is one of the best out there allowing browsers not just to search on makes and models of second hand cars for sale such as the Kia Rio, but also on such aspects as the number of doors, the number of owners a car has had and upon the cost of the tax disc for the car.

This all helps stand out from the crowd but it is their devotion to making buying cars easier that has really brought them to the forefront of the used car market. The creators of are constantly working with developing technologies to make the process easier for the buyer as well as the seller. As such they have launched a free app for the iPhone and iTouch which allows you to link in to their search system wherever you are and to compare the details of up to ten cars. also give independent reviews of cars, these have hot the two million make on You Tube, as well as advice on the process of buying a used car and all the details afterwards. Recent posts on their site include how to drive abroad and photography tips when selling your car. Motors also have reviews and news on forthcoming cars such as the Nissan QashQai, Kia Picanto, Vauxhall Corsa E, Land Rover Evoque and many more.

It is not hard to see why so many people are putting their trust, money and cars in to the capable hands of

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