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Topic Closed***ALL USERS PLEASE READ*** House Rules

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    Posted: 18 Mar 2013 at 6:15pm

Thank you for registering with

As well as the usual forum discussions, we encourage forum users to get involved in the self-help aspect - Using the forum for the sharing of information with which to help themselves and others diagnose problems and gain the best possible advice.

We hope you find it a friendly community and a useful resource.


Before you start posting on the forum, we respectfully ask that you first have a careful read through our rules.

Most of them are just simple guidelines, but they are in place to ensure the smooth running of the forum. Ignorance of the rules does not absolve you from the consequences should they be broken.

These rules apply to both new and existing members.  However, if any existing member feels these rules are too onerous, or they feel they simply cannot comply with them, please feel free to drop a Moderator or Admin a Private Message, and we will happily suspend your account.

We want to stress that, although there seems to be a large list of Do’s and Don’ts, 99.9% of the users of this forum will neither fall foul, nor need to be reminded, of these rules.

However, for the benefit of the remaining 0.1%, remember these rules are not challenges, but rather boundaries we have set.  We didn't make them up because we were bored.

Please don't test us.

Having said that, know that you can ALWAYS contact one of the forum staff and offer advice, feedback, criticism or just make a general enquiry.



·        Those whose conduct on the forum is deemed to be illegal, or even bordering upon it e.g. Stolen goods, theft of money or items, scams, pirated software / serial numbers / music downloads, “warez”, etc.

·        Racist, obscene or sexual content and foul language

·        Religious, sexist, homophobic or political abuse

·        Any abuse, foul or obscene language, harassment or bullying of forum members or Admin / Moderators, whether physical or mental, for any reason, whether they are resident to the forum or not.  The forum has a facility whereby certain words are replaced by ******.  Even though this happens, it is often obvious what the word was intended to be.  Therefore, if you make a post and ****** appear, please edit that post and replace the offending word. For clarity, Harassment can include (but is not limited to) repeated attempts to impose unwanted communications (Forum posts and / or Private Messages) upon a victim

·        If you send an offensive Private Message to another poster, unsolicited, be aware that it is their full right to complain to us about it - Should we find that Private Message is indeed offensive, we will treat this as any other public issue - we will ban that user altogether from the forum

·        Blatant trolling – We will not tolerate persistent trolling, cross-posting or thread hijacking.  Warnings will be issued, which if ignored will lead to a permanent ban

·        Re-joining under a different / multiple usernames - Joining the forum under several different usernames, especially following a Ban, purely to make pointless, annoying or harassing posts or Private Messages is not allowed.  Multiple instances of this may lead to offline action being taken by, and the details we hold (Usernames, IP addresses, posts, Private Message content, etc.) being shared with ISPs or other agencies

·        So you’re thinking of using a ‘disposable email address’ and/or proxies to re-register after being banned?  Don’t bother – There are numerous ways to identify people who try this tactic, both technical and non-technical.  Do you really think you are anonymous when you surf the Internet?  Are you absolutely sure you’ve used that proxy service every time you have logged in?  What about those links in one of your posts to your YouTube / Instagram / Photobucket account?

·        Anything which could or may be legally challenged, including defamation of character, slander or libellous content.  Please think carefully before you decide to use this forum as your personal soapbox. will not defend you should the police or solicitors come knocking

·        Worthless threads, stupid stunts or bragging rights. e.g. My car is quicker than your car, or ‘versus’ threads



Some people consider, because this is a 'public forum', that its open for people to express their ‘freedom of speech’, expecting that they can say what they want and express an opinion on whatever they like without consequence.

Though we encourage people to share opinions and welcome good honest discussion on lots of varied subjects, when it comes to unreserved freedom of speech you couldn't be more wrong.

Everything that takes place within this forum is the responsibility of the team who own and manage it. Your freedom to do and say as you please can have direct legal consequences for the site and potentially threaten its existence.

So with the greatest of respect, we will protect the interests of this site. If that means we must edit, remove, or close any posts/threads we feel are not in the best interests of the forum or the public at large, we will do so at our discretion and without your permission.

If you want to voice your opinions in public without us interfering in your best laid plans, then we suggest you invest in your own forum and hosting so whoever you upset can send you the solicitor’s letter.



Whilst there are some who believe that we should not delete or edit forum users’ threads and posts, some users’ posts can pose a threat not only to the credibility of the forum, but more urgently its status in the eyes of the law.

This is why those things which, in our perception, damage the site need to be removed.

We rely on our members to uphold good moderation by respecting our rules. Self-moderation works very well if people take the time to take an active interest in the forum.  We encourage people to point out to us when something has gone off the rails so that we can quickly deal with it.  We don't have the manpower or time to read every single thread or post.


Don't rant at the Moderator! does not always have the luxury of limitless free time to explain why we may have edited / deleted your thread / post.  However, you are always welcome to enquire why a thread / post was deleted or edited if you don't understand it yourself. 

The best means of contact for the Moderators is by using the forum’s Private Messaging system.

We would like to make it absolutely crystal clear that 'how this Forum should be run' is not open for debate.

You are always welcome to send us suggestions but you cannot demand, or publicly challenge the way this forum is managed.  We do not ask you to pay for its upkeep, we are not public officials and sadly (or happily) you do not get the chance to elect any of us.


Abuse towards Moderators / Admin

We have an underlying rule that you may not like but we insist on: The Admins and Moderators on are to be treated with respect.

By ‘respect’ we do not mean you must fall at our feet. You can disagree with us and have open discussion, but we will not tolerate abuse from people.

However, if a Moderator is (in your view) out of line, then you are perfectly welcome to complain to Admin, but you must do so reasonably and in PRIVATE.  We will handle it through our channels, not yours.


Reporting posts/threads to the Moderator

We rely on YOU to tell us when something is getting out of hand.  The REPORT POST function is there for a very good reason.

If you click the “cog” icon on the post, select “Report post” and then leave a comment that it may be suspicious, spam, or breaking our rules, it sends a message to every admin and Moderator so that we can be quickly alerted of any situations that might be brewing and we can then react to knock them on the head.

Please DO help us to help YOU.  All received reports are in the strictest confidence.  They are not shared with anyone but the Admin / Moderation team.


Taking the law into your own hands

Sometimes, one or more people feel they have the right to attack or preach at other members over their conduct.

We'll make it clear; Only the Admins and Moderators of the forum hand out the penalties or bans.  People throwing their 2p’s worth into a situation doesn't help us.

Report it to us, and let us deal with it.

Also, if you think someone should be banned and we disagree - then tough; if we're not convinced about it (and you're welcome to try to convince us reasonably, by private means) then it doesn't license you to take the situation into your own hands and launch a campaign of harassment against that poster.



Sadly, some forum users can take their behaviour or conduct a little too far and a Moderator will be forced to issue a warning to inform the member of their conduct.  If the warning is not heeded then a temporary and/or permanent ban can and will be made.

The Administrators enforce the rules which govern the forum in order to preserve the orderly functionality of the service for the wider audience.  Someone is banned not to punish them but rather to remove an obstruction from’s normal daily harmony, which is our foremost priority.

Warnings and bans are not vindictive action by Moderators, but are used as a means to restore normal operation of the forum and lessen disruption for other members.

Warnings or bans will generally be carried out privately and the user will be informed by way of a private message.  This process remains the private business of the Moderators and the member involved.  No other members will receive any information about this.

Not every 'offence' must or should end in a ban.  When someone has posted over a year or more here, with thousands of posts to show for it, and has only once posted something 'bad', it must be seen as a one-off, and therefore a warning will be issued to remind the user of proper conduct.

However, if someone is repeatedly argumentative, offensive or disruptive, then they have no place here - Not as punishment, but rather as a measure of removing a cause of constant friction from the forums.

If someone accepts in principle the rules which govern this service (and in theory, all that have registered have accepted it), then there is no reason to ban them.  However, if it seems obvious to us that someone disregards these rules, then they simply do not belong here. 


Forum Penalties

The common practice is to politely remind a user by Private Message that what they are doing is not tolerated and in breach of the rules.  Infractions can vary in severity, from a simple ‘ticking off’ to a final warning. These are at the discretion of the Moderators.

Any member PUBLICLY arguing with anyone from the Admin and Moderation team on the forum will be subject to the following penalties;

- You will be warned ONCE ONLY, and be advised to take your grievance to either email or Private Messaging for private discussion
- Failure to comply with this request will result in an instant cool-off ban from the use of the forum. 

A cool-off ban is at the discretion of the Administrator and can vary from 1 day to 1 month. If this happens we request that you respect it, and your access to the forum will resume after the allotted period ends.  You are always welcome to email us to discuss your ban period.

If persons persists in abuse of the Admins, Moderators or any other members of the forum after they have already been warned or penalised, they will then receive a further ban for a longer period, or ultimately a permanent ban depending on the seriousness .  This is at all times at the discretion of the Administrators and Moderators.

You are quite free to appeal against any decision made by a Moderator to the Admins, but these are to be done privately by Private Message or email.


It's easy to know what to do when something is - in our view - blatantly illegal or a mere flame-bait. We will simply delete it.

It's easy to know what to do when something is - in our view - within the acceptable realm of speaking up. We simply let it exist here, regardless of whether we think it's ridiculous or ludicrous.

Having said that, it should be made clear that counter-attacking a poster is different to personally insulting someone.

Telling someone that his post is ridiculous, or even that he's a liar (providing you can prove that, otherwise it is potentially libellous!) is not the same as telling someone "you are an idiot who should be shot to death".

We will tolerate to a large extent the first; We won't tolerate to any extent the second.  That is abuse plain and simple.



There is generally no prohibition whatsoever on mentioning other websites, quoting from other websites, or even recommending other websites.  However, bear in mind we don't allow commercial posts – contact the Admins for more information if you want to advertise.

But if you came here in order to complain about how you feel you got mistreated on either this or another forum, or came to invite everyone to join you on another forum - your thread will be removed and you will be banned instantly, with no prior warning.



Please respect the copyright of images shared on the forum.  Do not scan in magazine articles and post them on the forum without first gaining the permission of both the copyright holder and the forum Admin staff.

If it’s not your image, or from a press office, then you don't own the copyright, so please respect the rules of use of the copyright holders.

Forum image privacy

When posting images of privately owned vehicles, such as forum members cars, please ensure the vehicle registration plates are blanked out using a suitable photo editing package such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, for example.  If you’re unable to do this yourself, speak to one of the Admins / Moderators or another experienced forum member who may be able to offer advice, or help you to do this. Pictures not following this privacy rule will be removed.


Thank you for taking the time and patience to read and understand our ruling guidelines.  Please enjoy using

The Admin and Moderation Team

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